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Showing RSS Feeds Upon Your Website Page

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RSS nourishes have actually created it extremely practical to organization relevant information coming from different resources. As brand-new web content is actually released the RSS feed acquires upgraded immediately. When RSS feed is actually shown on a website the web content of this particular web page likewise acquire upgraded with no interference. This write-up summarizes easy measures for presenting RSS devours the website page.


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RSS nourishes have actually created it extremely practical to organization relevant information coming from different resources. Many of internet sites as well as companies that post new web content, including ezines, news release, brand-new companies, blog posts create their web content accessible thru RSS nourishes. As brand-new web content is actually released the RSS feed acquires upgraded immediately.

Incorporating RSS nourishes to website possesses several perks. Allow our company state you have actually incorporated RSS nourishes coming from a preferred ezine on among your website.

• The web content of the website page is actually immediately upgraded as the ezine creates brand-new web content accessible using RSS nourishes. Each time online search engine crawlers creep your website page they are actually very likely to locate the website page upgraded.

• The guests to your internet site are going to likewise locate brand-new web content on every see as well as they could be drawn to see your website page regularly.

• You carry out certainly not need to trouble concerning composing new web content as RSS nourishes are actually upgraded immediately.

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Previously I had actually composed a write-up on incorporating RSS nourishes to a website making use of caffeine manuscript. While this technique creates new web content accessible to the visitors, the web content of the feed cannot be “read” by search engine spiders. Therefore the web page does not get the benefit of changing content from the search engines.

On the other hand php based installation makes it possible for spiders to notice the changing content of the web page. This article is a follow-up of my previous article which outlines simple steps to put RSS feeds on a web page.

For the purpose of this article I have chosen the free version of software available from CaRP. The software may be downloaded from this site:


The instruction manual which comes with the package gives detailed instructions for installing and running the software. Additional information is available from the site. While there are several options available for using the software, I am showing here the simplest steps to load and run the software:

1. Download the software on your computer. It comes in a zip file. After unzipping save the available folders and files on your computer. These files and folders will be available – carp (folder), img (folder), carpsetup.php, README.html .

2. Upload all the files and folders to the root directory of your website. This can be done by using FTP. If uploading is done file by file, ensure that the names of the files and folders, and location of files in their folders do certainly not change.

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3. Run the setup file carpsetup.php from you web browser.

4. A new page will be actually displayed. There are two options given there and both are fairly simple to work with. The file based cashing option is sometimes easier to set up since you don’t have to create a database and copy and paste the setup code into carpconf.php . You could try this option first and if you face any problem you can choose the other option which is based on mySQL database.

The following steps are for mySQL database option.

5. Create a new mySQL database.

6. In step 4 above select mySQL database option. Another new page will open in which you have to fill the details of mySQL database. Click on “Create Database Tables”.

7. The page which opens now will have code which has to be put on the website page where you want to show RSS feed. The code will be displayed in a gray box.

8. Within the code there is “setup code”. This setup code should be pasted into a file called carpconf.php . The file will be available in carp directory. On the html script of this file locate the line “//Add configuration code that applies to all themes here”. Just below this line paste the setup code.

9. Choose a web page where RSS feed has to be displayed. The file name of the page should have .php extension. If your page has .html or .htm extension, you can try replacing only the extension with .php . Normally this should certainly not change the way the page appears in a web browser. If you encounter any problem you could make a new web page with .php extension.

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10. At appropriate location of the web page, where you want RSS feed to be displayed, paste the code in the html script of the page. From there you can remove the setup code. It is not required to be added to all pages once it has been added to carpconf.php page in step 8 above.

11. If you now open your web page in the web browser it will start showing the RSS feed which comes along with the package. For transforming this to RSS feed of your choice you will need to make changes in the code you have entered in step 10. In the code there is a URL after CarpCasheShow. Change this URL with the URL of RSS feed you wish to display.

Now the web page will display the RSS feed of your choice. You can choose to display more feeds on the same page or have separate pages for RSS feeds for different sources.

You can see this page on my website on which RSS feed has been added using exactly the steps shown here.


You can see some more pages from the links on left column of this page.

I have tried to make the process easy to follow. You can always refer to more detailed instructions which come with the package. Take advantage of the free web content accessible as well as use them to boost your page positioning as well as traffic to your internet site.

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